Friday, May 8, 2009


I have spoken to over 80 book clubs about my book; ABANDONED AND FORGOTTEN – An orphan Girl’s tale of survival during World War II. These meetings and interviews have been rewarding both for me and the members of the clubs.
This human interest story is geared to those who do not know of the suffering of innocent German people. Not only readers with German heritage but also the next generation of those who experienced World War II or any war in any part of the world will gain much from the experiences detailed in my true story. The book has a lighter vision that could only be presented through the eyes of a resourceful little blond girl, and is appropriate for readers of all ages. When your club reads my book I will be happy to talk with them either through a phone interview or in person. For a list of book club questions and other information, see:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

From another reader

Not many books get into my head like this one did. This is the true story of a nine year old girl who lost both of her parents and was separated from her siblings during WWII. Even though it was a very tragic experience, the writer does not try to sensationalize it. Mrs. Tannehill is an exceptionally talented writer. It is a hard book to finish, you feel like you have lived the experience with her and want to know more. I hope she writes another book about her life after she was reunited with her brothers and sister in America. It would be a shame if this was her only book

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Expulsion -- "not a humane procedure"

My story covers a little known slice of history. I am referring to the ruthless expulsion of all Germans from the country's lost territories after the war. It was not a humane procedure. But then what was humane about that terrible war, or any war. Few people knew how the German populace struggled for survival long after the war was over. Nobody realized outside of Germany how long it took the German people to put their lives back together. And as my Aunt Elsbeth said, we East Prussians lived in the wrong part of Germany and paid more dearly for the war. But that is the fallout of war, the innocent pay for their power hungry, and all too often evil leaders' mistakes and ambitions, especially the children.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Evelyne Presents at “The Forum”

Evelyne set a record in numbers of people attending “The Forum” in Green Valley, Arizona, February 25, 2009.
With a backdrop of slides depicting significant events in her life and those skillfully written from the heart in her book, Abandoned and Forgotten, Evelyne held the crowd spellbound recounting her childhood in wartime Germany and Poland. Many eyes welled up as she recounted a young girls’ self-preservation in a country where law and order had broken down.
Without whining, self pity, or why me Evelyne took the audience on a journey they will never forget. Many were touched by her honesty, compassion, and hopeful spirit.
Following the presentation, Evelyne spend time signing copies of her book and further sharing with those in attendance.